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CEO & Senior Lead­er­ship Expertise

  • 25% of our place­ments are in CEO roles
  • We use the pow­er­ful F18 approach to CEO selection
  • Recent CEO place­ments include
    Motiv Pow­er and SpotterRF

  • 75% of our place­ments are Board and oth­er senior lead­er­ship roles
  • Recent board place­ments made at Roku (pub­lic) and Groq (pri­vate)
  • Oth­er recent place­ments include GMs at Infi­neon and Chatham Financial


  • 22 years since the firm was founded
  • 100+ years of com­bined indus­try experience
  • 80% of clients have used us more than once
  • 75% of place­ments are in the Sil­i­con Valley

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