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Parking Lot Consulting

Mark Lonergan, June 14th, 2011

I was at a public company last year, about to attend a Board meeting for a large public Silicon Valley company. Most of the Board arrived shortly after 8 AM in order to catch up with one another before the meeting started promptly at 8:30. During the meeting, I had a chance to look out the expansive windows of the board room, right onto the

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CFOs on Fire

Mark Lonergan, June 14th, 2011

Since we started the firm in 2001, Lonergan Partners has always conducted multiple Chief Financial Officer projects a year for technology companies, many here on the West Coast. That number has remained pretty constant in our history. In 2011, the number of CFO assignments started is already greater than the total completed last year and there

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Upgrade the Herd

Mark Lonergan, February 25th, 2011

In almost twenty years of conducting CEO and senior leadership searches here in Silicon Valley, I have been mentored by many of my clients. Through their kindness and patience, I learned my trade by listening to some of the great business leaders of our generation. Of all of these mentors, no one had greater early impact on me than John

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CEO Compensation Ratios in Silicon Valley

High CEO pay ratios are paired with high median employee compensation

Susan Lonergan, March 21st, 2019

For the first time, we are able to report CEO pay ratios for the Lonergan SV150. Slightly over half (79) of the companies on the list have now reported their 2017 CEO compensation in comparison to their median employee compensation. Average CEO compensation for this group was $9.43 million, and the average of median employee compensation