Announcing the 2023 Lonergan SV150

A look back at 2022 in Silicon Valley

Susan Lonergan, April 17th, 2023

Lon­er­gan Part­ners is pleased to bring you the Lon­er­gan SV 150 – our annu­al rank­ing of the top pub­lic tech com­pa­nies head­quar­tered with­in fifty miles of the old HP Garage — to paint you a pic­ture of 2022 tech sec­tor results.

Get the Com­pa­ny Rank­ings on a PDF suit­able for print­ing, or for detailed met­rics on each com­pa­ny, down­load the Lon­er­gan SV150 Datat­able.

Read our Lon­er­gan SV 150 Insights.

Only in Sil­i­con Val­ley could a sec­tor with record high rev­enues, sales growth high­er than infla­tion, and close to $250 bil­lion in net income be judged a trou­bled industry.”

With Spring com­ing and the Sil­i­con Val­ley Bank deposit cri­sis behind us, many in Sil­i­con Val­ley are hop­ing the tech sec­tor is liv­ing through the pain before the gain. Lay­offs have been announced at over 50 of the com­pa­nies in the rank­ings, and com­pa­nies are prun­ing less promis­ing invest­ments and lin­ing up behind the ban­ner of effi­cien­cy.

Adap­ta­tion is the theme for 2023 in the Sil­i­con Val­ley, and the com­pa­nies behind the tech tools need­ed to com­pete glob­al­ly are work­ing to get their own hous­es in order.

Some of the high­lights from the lat­est LSV150 rankings:

  • Lon­er­gan SV150 rev­enues grow 8.5% to an all time high of $1.67 trillion
  • Despite the tech stock slump, 1 in 4 com­pa­nies in pos­i­tive stock ter­ri­to­ry year-over-year
  • No slow­down in acqui­si­tions, but a 2022 halt to large tech IPOs
  • Tech lay­offs take a bite out of pan­dem­ic-era employ­ment growth
  • Board diver­si­ty push may be slow­ing down
  • CEO tenure way up, reflect­ing increased num­bers of Founder-CEOs

For detailed insight on the top­ics above, vis­it our LSV 150 Insights page to read our Insights. Look for more of our posts in the com­ing weeks.