VP, Business Development Jatin  Mehta at Aiqudo  Portrait

Jatin Mehta

VP, Business Development

Lonergan Partners is pleased to announce that Jatin Mehta has been named Vice President, Business Development at Aiqudo. The search was led by Mark Lonergan.

About Jatin

Jatin joins Aiqudo after wrapping more than five years at Amazon where he most recently focused on Alexa’s monetization efforts. Previously, Jatin recruited third-party partners and developers to launch Alexa in Canada and prior to that headed business development and strategy at Amazon Consumer Payments. Prior to his work at Amazon, Jatin spent more than 7 years at Dell as part of its corporate development and Dell Ventures team, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions and investments in enterprise software, the cloud and hardware sectors.

Jatin earned both his bachelor’s degree and MBA from Purdue University.

About Aiqudo

Aiqudo is an AI pioneer whose Voice-to-Action® platform unlocks the power of voice. With Aiqudo, users can access their favorite mobile apps using natural language voice commands, whether at home using a smart speaker, in the car, or on the go with their mobile phones. Aiqudo’s Voice-to-Action™ platform is quickly scalable, creating voice-enabled actions without API’s or developer dependencies, providing a broad library of actions available in consumers’ favorite apps globally. The company’s semiotics-based language model, together with its mature AI platform, enables rapid deployment in multiple languages. Aiqudo’s proprietary technology is now deployed worldwide, powering the Moto Voice digital assistant experience on Motorola smartphones in 7 languages across 12 markets in North and South America, Europe, India and Russia. Aiqudo’s pioneering technology is covered by more than 30 granted patents and applications.

John Foster Portrait

Jatin is joining us at an exceptional time--just as app developers and companies more broadly are recognizing that voice interfaces present an opportunity to create a new, branded experience for their consumers. It's not enough to build an Alexa Skill and call it a day for voice. Jatin will focus on helping our partners develop their own unique branded approach to voice.

John Foster, CEO, Aiqudo
Jatin Mehta Portrait

I spent the better part of the last two years evangelizing voice and saw firsthand how conversational AI has revolutionized our interaction with technology. I am thrilled to join Aiqudo because it is uniquely positioned to redefine the relationships consumers have with their devices and mobile apps using voice.

Jatin Mehta, VP, Business Development, Aiqudo
Mark Lonergan Portrait

Voice Command is the most promising new technology since mobility began and Aiqudo is at the center of this amazing movement. Jatin Mehta from Amazon Alexa is a global leader for this market.

Mark Lonergan, Founder and Managing Partner, Lonergan Partners