The Clock Is Ticking

Michael Cunningham, September 29th, 2015

Every­one knows the phrase, time is mon­ey.” In the case of recruit­ment time is much more. 

When an executive search gets off track and the role goes long unfilled, there are serious consequences

Los­ing the Per­fect Candidate

Sil­i­con Val­ley is hot. Many of the best exec­u­tives in the mar­ket are enter­tain­ing mul­ti­ple job offers at once and will pick anoth­er role if left to wait to hear from you.

Lost Con­tri­bu­tion

While the search effort lan­guish­es there is a whole orga­ni­za­tion left with­out a full-time leader. This can dimin­ish employ­ee morale, com­pa­ny per­for­mance and put strate­gic ini­tia­tives at risk. The soon­er the right exec­u­tive is in place, the quick­er he or she can start contributing.

Brand Risk

Good Sil­i­con Val­ley com­pa­nies are under the pub­lic micro­scope. Roles left unfilled for long peri­ods of time do harm investor con­fi­dence and weak­en the faith of poten­tial candidates.

Can­di­date / Place­ment Morale

Who wants to be left in the dark for long peri­ods of time? With­out hon­est and time­ly feed­back, can­di­dates can eas­i­ly lose faith in the hir­ing com­pa­ny or feel that the com­pa­ny is not con­fi­dent in them-even if they are the even­tu­al hire!

Wast­ed Client Time

The hir­ing man­agers lead­ing a search have bet­ter things to do with their time than inter­view­ing yet anoth­er slate of can­di­dates. If they have already seen qual­i­fied and clos­able options, it a waste of valu­able man­age­ment time to lose them to oth­er oppor­tu­ni­ties because their deci­sion mak­ing was too slow.

The long lan­guish­ing search process is not a myth. We all hear about high cal­iber roles that have gone unfilled for six months and more. The waste and dev­as­ta­tion of such an extend­ed process is painful to contemplate.

The most suc­cess­ful search­es are brought to a close quick­ly through true part­ner­ship. This means both hir­ing com­pa­ny and search firm work­ing with urgency togeth­er to find that leader who will be a pos­i­tive influ­ence on an orga­ni­za­tion for years down the road.

Michael Cunningham

Partner, Lonergan Partners

Specialties: Big Data, Cloud, IoT and Health-Tech


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