Getting to know you

Every assignment has a story. Before we begin to work, we listen very carefully to yours.

First we understand your company—its technology, products and customers. We learn about your culture and the kinds of people who thrive in your environment.

Developing our strategy

Next, we work together to define the role you need to fill.

We use our experience, judgment, and currency in the marketplace to help you refine your hiring expectations in terms of the scope and responsibility of the role, the compensation expectations, the required experience to do the job, and the cultural issues surrounding making a successful hire.

Recruiting for excellence

We use our unique research capabilities to find exceptional candidates and get them interested in your company.

We know the best and brightest—those leading companies today, and those who will be leading them tomorrow. We get to know leaders before you need them, so we can nimbly bring them together with the right opportunities to create new business success stories. Using the ideal candidate profile, we rigorously screen each candidate. We then present you with those that most closely match your desired profile and can achieve your strategic goals.

Making the right choice

Quality choices are the goal.

Our process is designed to give you a constant basis for comparison among excellent options. We keep multiple qualified candidates moving through the process in sync. When you have real choices, you are in control of your future.

We back up your decision making with meaningful data you may not otherwise see. We believe our thorough referencing, professional background checks, and real-world/real-time evaluation forums provide you with a breadth and depth of information mere interviews cannot.

Following through

Our commitment to your success does not end when the paperwork is signed.

We advise each of our placements on what it will take to be a success in their new role. The hard work we put in to assess their candidacy is a down payment on the investment you will make in bringing them on board. They can hit the ground running on the way to meeting your goals.

Orchestra photo courtesy of the Grand Rapids Symphony.