VP Worldwide Sales Rick Hegberg at Atheros

Placement Announcement

About Rick

Prior to joining Atheros, Rick Hegberg was SVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing and GM of the Wireless Business Unit at Numonyx. Prior to Numonyx, Rick led worldwide sales and marketing for ATI Technologies, where sales more than doubled under his leadership. After ATI was acquired by AMD, he was Vice President for the combined company’s worldwide sales and business operations. In addition to holding executive-level sales positions at Lucent Microelectronics, Trident Microelectronics, and VLSI Technology, Rick also served as President and CEO of NetOctave.

Rick Hegberg, VP Worldwide Sales

November, 2010. Lonergan Partners is pleased to announce that Rick Hegberg has been named Vice President Worldwide Sales at Atheros Communications.

About Atheros

Atheros Communications is a global leader in innovative technologies for wireless and wired communications. Atheros combines its wireless and networking systems expertise with high-performance radio frequency (RF), mixed signal and digital semiconductor design skills to provide highly integrated chipsets that are manufactured on low-cost, standard complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processes.


We are pleased to have such an experienced leader take the reins of our worldwide sales organization. Rick is a widely respected executive with a history of guiding leading semiconductor businesses through periods of growth.

Craig Barratt, CEO at Atheros

Atheros required a senior sales leader with experience running a high performance sales organization in a fast scaling global environment. Rick Hegberg is one of technology’s few sales executives who has successfully led sales organizations through a stage of transformational growth.

Mark Lonergan, Founder and Managing Partner, Lonergan Partners