Personal History

I’ve been on both sides of the table

I’ve been very lucky in my career, joining a Silicon Valley technology company right out of college and helping grow that company (Tymnet, a pioneer in data communications networking) into a global operation.

Through my twin careers as both an operating executive and a search professional, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the great leaders in the history of Technology: John Morgridge (Cisco), Gil Amelio (National Semiconductor) Federico Faggin (Intel), David Lam (Lam Research), Mike Hackworth (Cirrus Logic), Don Valentine (Sequoia Capital) and many, many others.

The right stuff

While the styles of these leaders differ greatly, they seem to share a common set of principles that drive companies to become great—they believe in their people, they expect the best from everyone in their organizations, they’re passionate about innovation, and they strive to become the best in the world at everything they do.

This is the great secret of the Silicon Valley—if you shoot high enough and demand the best, you can become a world leader in the technology market.

Five generations of Lonergan entrepreneurs