Our clients are loyal

Our business success depends on satisfied clients who return to us time after time for help with their most important recruitment needs. We measure our levels of repeat business and constantly seek feedback from our clients on how to improve. Our 2017 repeat business metrics were at an all time high: 81% of our searches were performed for former clients. If you would like to find out why our customers are so happy, please contact us for references.

Why do clients come back to Lonergan Partners?

We are commited

When you work with us, you can rest assured we will not consider the job done until you do. That philosophy is extremely important to us, and we see adopting that standard as one of the biggest opportunities for improvement in our industry. We stand behind our work, and our search closure rate since our firm began is well over 90%.

We are fast

Our partners work tirelessly to finish your project. In 2017, we finished 38% of our projects in under 100 days, with an average days to place across an incredible range of circumstances coming in at 119 calendar days.

Our results are lasting

You want to make recruitment decisions that last. We measure how long our placements remain with their new employers, and 93% of our placements are still in place after one year. 80% are still in place after two years. We are confident that these metrics are among the best in the industry. We are so confident in our process, we guarantee all our work — if our placement leaves or you are dissatisfied and want to replace them within one year of their hire, we will redo our work for no additional fee.