How we work

Our senior partners are hands-on

At Lonergan Partners, our senior partners are engaged in every aspect of a search project from start to finish. Your problems are important for you to solve—we think they deserve the dedication of a seasoned search professional.

Your search is our passion

SnowboarderWe believe that our work matters. We choose to work in our field because we have a passion for matching the right leaders with the opportunities that need them. All of our partners and staff have been carefully selected to share this sense of higher purpose. We don’t give up on even the toughest assignments, which means we have a 2012 track record of finishing 100% of our searches.

A balance of art and skill

AcrobatsOur teams combine extraordinary judgment to assess fit and recruit the unavailable candidate (“the art”) with world class day-to-day process management skills to keep everybody on schedule (“the skill”), in a virtuoso balancing act. The result: we keep lots of desirable candidates in the process to give you a constant basis for comparison among excellent options.

No shortcuts

There are no short cuts on the road to a successful hire. We help you avoid costly mistakes with a thorough attention to detail, from sifting through the candidate field for those with proven qualifications, to weeding out potential “looked good on paper” bad hires with our extensive referencing. For finalist candidates, we do a complete background check to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It’s this attention to detail at every step in the process that has contributed to our exceptional “stick rate.” Learn more about our performance metrics.

Honesty combined with discretion

We don’t know any other way to work.

You can be sure we will share what we know in a timely and professional way. No hidden agendas—just frank discussion and transparent processes.

The right leader at the right time = incredible transformations

Indian leaf butterflyThe life cycle of a technology company is punctuated with highly dramatic transformations. Unlike a butterfly, our typical client has no genetic blueprint for change. Our clients need experienced and committed leadership. Lonergan Partners prides itself on helping find those leaders.