We focus on top level management

Lonergan Partners builds leadership teams from the top down We focus on recruiting top leadership to the board room and the executive suite. We have a track record of working with CEOs and Boards on their most importatnt leadership issues.

Working with CEOs to create a management team

A room of people does not qualify as a team—and teams are what turn opportunities into success stories. All CEOs need a passionate and focused executive team, and we specialize in working with CEOs to build and renew the group of managers who support them. Lonergan Partners builds leadership teamsFinding the key missing employee to fill out the team; filling a gap in talent as the business transitions to the next phase in its growth; helping create a management team to work together seamlessly towards a common goal: these are the things we have built our firm to do. Read about a few of our success stories.

Working with Boards to find world class leadership

Lonergan Partners has extensive experience working with both public and private Boards in the selection of new Chief Executive Officers. Everyone agrees on one thing—the Board’s most critical governance responsibility is selecting the Chief Executive Officer. Lonergan Partners has helped over fifty public and private Boards with this process. We have a unique approach to coordinating Board alignment, understanding organizational needs, and providing Boards with “real-time, real world” evaluation forums so the end result is clear. We have seen this process be successful time and time again. Our CEOs have an outstanding track record of value creation and longevity in their roles. We also work with Boards to help recruit new Directors. Now more than ever, having a Board with diverse skill sets, representing multiple points of view, is a coveted company asset. We help Boards define their membership needs and manage a research and outreach process to recruit new members.

We focus on technology companies

Lonergan Partners is focused on technologyBased in Redwood City, Lonergan Partners works exclusively with companies in high tech. These are the core technology markets we focus on:

  • Networking & Mobility
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Software & Services
  • Internet & Cloud
  • Systems