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July 12, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Yesterday I attended a funeral in New York for George Lang, a prominent New Yorker and a global figure in the food and food service business. George ran one of New York’s most successful restaurants for over 40 years, the Cafe des Artistes. Previously, George ran all food services at the Four Seasons and the Waldorf Astoria in New York. During his lifetime, George authored many books and he... Read more »
July 12, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I was recently asked by the Board of a large public technology company to discuss that company’s succession plan, a process that started with the current CEO out of the room. The company had received a real shock four months earlier, when their CEO was nearly lured away to a larger competitor, a move they stopped with a counter-offer and a new contract for the CEO. Crisis averted, the... Read more »
June 23, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I met yesterday with the CEO of a multi-billion dollar public company in the Silicon Valley, talking about topics ranging from strategy to corporate governance. The CEO enjoys a fine relationship with his board and had nothing but good things to say about them both as individuals and as a group. Until we got to the Compensation Committee… Why, the CEO wanted to know, does the Comp... Read more »
June 20, 2011, Mark Lonergan
During a recent meeting here at Lonergan Partners, we were challenged to describe the characteristics that make up an ‘A Player’ for an SVP Sales position inside a top public semiconductor company. Here are the traits for top performers that we observed, in descending order of importance: Demonstrate sustained levels of exceptional revenue growth Recruit and retain exceptional... Read more »
June 14, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Since we started the firm in 2001, Lonergan Partners has always conducted multiple Chief Financial Officer projects a year for technology companies, many here on the West Coast. That number has remained pretty constant in our history. In 2011, the number of CFO assignments started is already greater than the total completed last year and there is no sign of that pace slowing down. Funny thing is... Read more »


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