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August 31, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Living in the Silicon Valley for many years, we’ve come to expect certain things. The sun will (mostly) shine, new companies will emerge – and Hewlett Packard will continue to lead in the Valley from both an innovation and a cultural standpoint. The seventy year-old company has spawned many of the leaders and innovators who inspire our Valley, people who continue to lead the global technology... Read more »
August 8, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I recently met with a former placement of mine at one of the hottest pre-IPO companies in the Silicon Valley. This placement, whom I’ll call Andy, made it clear he loves his new company and enjoys being part of its leadership team. At breakfast, I probed to learn how well we had prepared him for his new position, how thoughtful and complete we’d been in our description of the company and the... Read more »
July 30, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Just last week, the newest MoneyTree Report was released by PWC and the National Venture Capital Association. As predicted, the report (available at: ) shows a remarkable quarterly increase in spending by venture capitalists. In all, $9.2 billion was invested in 966 companies, a 20% increase over the first quarter of 2011 and a 60% increase over... Read more »
July 12, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Yesterday I attended a funeral in New York for George Lang, a prominent New Yorker and a global figure in the food and food service business. George ran one of New York’s most successful restaurants for over 40 years, the Cafe des Artistes. Previously, George ran all food services at the Four Seasons and the Waldorf Astoria in New York. During his lifetime, George authored many books and he... Read more »
July 12, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I was recently asked by the Board of a large public technology company to discuss that company’s succession plan, a process that started with the current CEO out of the room. The company had received a real shock four months earlier, when their CEO was nearly lured away to a larger competitor, a move they stopped with a counter-offer and a new contract for the CEO. Crisis averted, the... Read more »


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