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November 17, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Like other Americans, I marvel at the creation of tent cities from Oakland to New York. Socially sensitive but deeply pragmatic, the people of the Silicon Valley seem puzzled by the encampments of angry and disorganized people popping up in all parts of our nation. I asked a friend recently why Silicon Valley has been largely left out of this budding social movement, why the tent cities... Read more »
October 10, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I met this morning with a couple of current public company Board Chairmen. Both are former CEOs for Top 10 companies here in the Silicon Valley. After forty years (each) of operating and board-level management experience, these two gentlemen are real experts about how great companies are built in the Silicon Valley. During our breakfast, our conversation drifted to a discussion of advice for... Read more »
September 11, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I am sure you all have been discussing Carol Bartz’ termination (over the phone no less) from Yahoo last week. As an executive recruiter for over 20 years and the veteran of many CEO searches myself, I often witness the state of the organization shortly after the senior leader has been issued his/her walking papers. The way a termination is done and the timing for a termination are often more... Read more »
August 31, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Living in the Silicon Valley for many years, we’ve come to expect certain things. The sun will (mostly) shine, new companies will emerge – and Hewlett Packard will continue to lead in the Valley from both an innovation and a cultural standpoint. The seventy year-old company has spawned many of the leaders and innovators who inspire our Valley, people who continue to lead the global technology... Read more »
August 8, 2011, Mark Lonergan
I recently met with a former placement of mine at one of the hottest pre-IPO companies in the Silicon Valley. This placement, whom I’ll call Andy, made it clear he loves his new company and enjoys being part of its leadership team. At breakfast, I probed to learn how well we had prepared him for his new position, how thoughtful and complete we’d been in our description of the company and the... Read more »


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