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April 19, 2012, Mark Lonergan
I had breakfast last week with the CEO of a $1 billion public company. “Frank” grew the company from $150 million in only five years, driving the market capitalization (post-IPO) up by a factor of 9:1. Most investors in the Silicon Valley consider Frank to be a top Chief Executive and a real leader in the systems market — an ‘A’ technology company leader. Frank will be leaving his current... Read more »
March 14, 2012, Mark Lonergan
I recently asked an old Heidrick colleague, Ellen (a pseudonym), now working in internal staffing at a massive technology company, to describe the differences between recruiting from inside a company as opposed to recruiting as a retained executive search professional. Here are her answers: On average, it takes twice as long (190 days) to complete internal projects compared to projects sent... Read more »
February 19, 2012, Mark Lonergan
In the Middle Ages, serfs left the farms and began flocking to cities, learning trades as a way of supporting themselves. Guilds developed along with a prescribed process for transition from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master. Patrons of these skilled trades learned to appreciate the differences in terms of training and experience, paying the highest prices for goods created by the Master.... Read more »
January 20, 2012, Mark Lonergan
Over the past 20 years in Silicon Valley, I have seen public companies go from CEO-run organizations with little compensation scrutiny to Board-led companies with hard-working compensation committees and associated compensation consultants. It is often the board now that determines the pay structures of the companies they serve, with a critical eye towards prevention of overpayment of key... Read more »
November 17, 2011, Mark Lonergan
Like other Americans, I marvel at the creation of tent cities from Oakland to New York. Socially sensitive but deeply pragmatic, the people of the Silicon Valley seem puzzled by the encampments of angry and disorganized people popping up in all parts of our nation. I asked a friend recently why Silicon Valley has been largely left out of this budding social movement, why the tent cities... Read more »


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