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August 4, 2013, Mark Lonergan
If you have read my earlier blog post, you know I am skeptical of in-house recruiting. At the risk of sounding self-serving, sometimes a personal story proves a larger point. This morning I spoke to a current candidate for an elite executive position with one of the most important companies in Silicon Valley. He is a much sought-after executive with over 30 years of building customer... Read more »
Travel routes
July 29, 2013, Mark Lonergan
We recently placed a CEO at a venture-backed company here in Silicon Valley. The placed candidate is one of the most statured people in the semiconductor industry — a marquee player with real credibility in the market our client is in. When this CEO (whom I’ll call Larry) was asked by a board member about his early plans, Larry’s answer was simple: “I’m going on the road for the next 60 days... Read more »
May 14, 2013, Mark Lonergan
I’ve been preparing for our next event, a Human Resources Roundtable for a group of top executives in human resources in Silicon Valley. The topic is especially interesting to me: “Working with your Public Board—How HR can have Strategic Impact.” As I researched to find the latest articles on the topic published in leading business publications, I discovered something peculiar. There... Read more »
Taking a counter-offer is a ticking time bomb
March 1, 2013, Mark Lonergan
I routinely see senior executives receive counter-offers from their employers after they’ve accepted a new position and announced plans to leave. About a third of the time, these executives accept the counter-offer and remain with their original employer. For the candidate this is ALWAYS a bad idea. Reasons abound, but here is what I observe in the counter-offer scramble: Counter-... Read more »
February 1, 2013, Mark Lonergan
As a young executive looking at an executive search career, I worried a lot about the nature of the recruiting process. “Aren’t recruiters just sales people looking to talk people into jobs?” and “How do you get executives interested in positions if they learn the bad news as well as the good?” With a background in features and benefits sales, I worried about the ethics of touting client... Read more »


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