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October 6, 2014, Mark Lonergan
A couple of our favorite clients were featured as Unicorns in an article by Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee. Unicorns, as defined by Aileen, are companies founded in the last 10 years which have achieved a valuation of $1 billion or more. In this thoughtful analysis, Aileen documents the lessons she learned by studying the 39 software companies in this exclusive club. Most of these companies are... Read more »
September 18, 2014, Mark Lonergan
With the announcement that Safra Catz (along with Mark Hurd) is taking over as CEO of Oracle today, the number of women CEOs in the Silicon Valley 150 just jumped by 25%. Oracle’s move is a significant milestone in the history of women in leadership roles in the Valley, something we at Lonergan Partners have been tracking carefully.  We recently profiled the CEOs running the companies... Read more »
People and Culture
July 29, 2014, Mark Lonergan
In a recent interview at the Fortune Brainstorm conference, Cisco CEO John Chambers was asked about the rules he applies before he agrees to buy a company.  Here’s what he said: Share a Vision with acquired company Matching corporate cultures Know the people and the tech Acquisitions must be strategic The closer to Cisco headquarters, the better the outcome... Read more »
February 27, 2014, Mark Lonergan
The Wall Street Journal posted an article on February 27, 2014, entitled “Icahn Targets Silicon Valley Directors’ Club.”  Turns out that Mad Carl is at it once again — looking to work his extortion racket on EBay and its respected CEO, John Donahoe. The Icahn muckraking machine is milling out negative press releases daily, all trying to embarrass the EBay board into doing something stupid. It’s... Read more »
February 19, 2014, Mark Lonergan
Our long-time client D-Wave Systems is featured this week on the cover of Time Magazine. Having been involved in helping D-Wave at a critical chapter in its history, during the recruitment of current CEO Vern Brownell in 2009, we feel as proud as parents with a high achieving child. If you want to know why we are in this business, this is it—this sense of having made a key contribution to a... Read more »


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