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August 19, 2015, Dotty Schaffer
In my line of work I am privileged to know many extraordinary leaders. Now and then I run into one that I call Henry, usually when I’ve been asked to replace him.  Prince Henry of England wasn’t raised to be king. He was a spoiled child, whose mother and grandmother doted on him. He was handsome, well read, musical, spoke several languages, could sing and dance, and write poetry. He loved... Read more »
July 23, 2015, Mark Lonergan
I’ve led dozens of searches for Vice Presidents of Engineering over the last 20 years. The titles run the gamut from CTO to VP Engineering, from VP R&D to CPO (Chief Product Officer). Regardless of title, the role has always been to develop products and IP that is unique to the client company—products that can be sold or licensed in the technology world. And that world is changing ... Read more »
Warriors Win NBA
June 18, 2015, Mark Lonergan
Tech Companies are like basketball teams—the best of both have leadership with grit, determination, and an optimistic view to the future.  Great company boards/team owners hire great CEOs, who in turn hire great management teams, etc. Led by Chairmen with great vision, the best organizations are headed somewhere and they are determined to win in fiercely competitive markets. The June... Read more »
November 14, 2014, Mark Lonergan
With the November 10 departure of CEO Shaygan Kheradpir from Juniper Networks after only ten months in the job, this brings into focus a growing problem in Silicon Valley—CEO departures after short tenures, with the resulting loss of company reputation and investor confidence. The Wall Street Journal reported Juniper stock was trading down 4.5% on the day after the news. An alarming number... Read more »
October 6, 2014, Mark Lonergan
A couple of our favorite clients were featured as Unicorns in an article by Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee. Unicorns, as defined by Aileen, are companies founded in the last 10 years which have achieved a valuation of $1 billion or more. In this thoughtful analysis, Aileen documents the lessons she learned by studying the 39 software companies in this exclusive club. Most of these companies are... Read more »


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