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June 20, 2017, Michael Cunningham
The recent turmoil about Travis Kalanick is another chapter in the tech saga of “Founder CEOs who get their companies into trouble.” Kalanick certainly has his flaws as a leader, but in fairness he did build an industry-altering empire now valued at $70B. Kalanick’s embattled status as Uber’s CEO begs the question, what makes certain Founder-CEOs more effective operators and leaders than others?... Read more »
June 13, 2017, Dotty Schaffer
By any measure, I’m not an authority on basketball, but watching the NBA Finals I couldn’t help but see lessons all of us can learn from watching these two great teams. How would your executive team do if they were playing in your championship finals? Teamwork The way the Warriors and Cavaliers teams passed the ball, moving up and down the court, constantly changing plays and firing off... Read more »
March 2, 2017, Alex Zakupowsky
The IPO is not the end of the road for a company, but rather the beginning. To prepare for life after the IPO, you need to start creating your future public board of directors at least a year beforehand. Ideally, this means a board with six independent board members and one or two inside directors (usually the Founder(s) and/or the CEO). Here is how to think about roles to be added for your newly... Read more »
February 15, 2017, Alex Zakupowsky
Across the technology company spectrum the CFO market is the hottest it has been in a decade. Startups are hiring CFOs earlier, before substantial revenue, and established public companies are quicker to conclude the wrong person is driving the finance organization and make a change. Companies are taking a much more data driven approach to managing their business, and having a financial master... Read more »
February 15, 2017, Mark Lonergan
Like a lot of people here in Silicon Valley, I am not a big fan of ISS—the company that oversees the scoring of publicly-traded companies for major institutional investors. However, ISS issued guidelines around board tenure last year that strike me as absolutely correct. They insist that a 10-year limit should be placed on sitting public company board directors in order to meet their standards of... Read more »


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