Five Interesting Executive Trends of 2017

Alex Zakupowsky, January 15, 2018

1—When closing a candidate, speed wins

The “war for talent” in 2017 was fierce and we are expecting this trend to continue heading into 2018. Personally, I know every executive I helped recruit this year had 2,3,4+ competing offers at the time we recruited them. When it becomes crystal clear you want someone on your team, one of the biggest competitor advantages you have is to move on them fast. This signals to the candidate you are serious and that you “get stuff done”. Top candidates love that. Periods of silence kill deals.

2—The market is especially hot for go-to-market positions—CEOs, VP of Sales, CMOs, CROs

My view is that the market has been good for technology companies and they are looking for new and creative ways to increase revenue.  On the other hand, if you are not growing at the rate of your competitors, the first place you look is Sales/Marketing.

3—Executive roles continue to transform

Thanks in part to Gainsight we now have the VP of Customer Success. As the amount of subscription businesses continues to grow, this role is becoming an integral part of all companies strategies. CIO’s and CMO’s continue to evolve.


Particularly in the last year, candidates have gotten smarter on understanding the terms of compensation. This has been a really pleasant surprise and has been especially true around equity/stock. Note to the market: keep educating yourself and shoot me a note if you ever have any questions.

5—Data Driven decision making is at the top of hiring managers list across functions

Startups to multi-billion dollar public companies are increasingly relying on their executives to make data based decisions. One area in particular in 2017 were VP of Sales and CMOs that could demonstrate they could collect, analyze, and have actionable insights through data. This proved to be a big advantage against their competition in interviews.

At Lonergan Partners, Alex recruits world class executives for companies in the networking, Saas, cloud and IoT sectors.