2012 CEOs at CES Dinner

On January 11, Lonergan Partners hosted our sixth annual CEO dinner at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. Over thirty technology CEOs were in attendance, representing multiple industries and regions of the world. This event was hosted by Partners Mark Lonergan and Dotty Schaffer.

At the dinner, guest speaker Hank Nothhaft shared research based on his best selling book Great Again: Revitalizing America’s Entrepreneurial Leadership. Hank is the former CEO of several high-tech companies such as Tessera, Concentric Networks, Danger and David Systems.

Henry Nothhaft

Our dinner focused on the innovation revolution in the consumer electronics market. CEOs lead that innovation charge, and we were pleased to be joined by many of the top Consumer Electronics leaders at our event.
Mark Lonergan, Founder & Senior Partner, Lonergan Partners
Hank’s book Great Again should be required reading in this year when we elect a new President. Without being politically ideological at all, this book challenges us to consider what matters in business innovation. I have recommended it to many friends and no matter what their background, they learn from it.
Dotty Schaffer, Partner, Lonergan Partners

Highlights from Hank’s talk included:

  • Innovation is key to sustaining the American economy
  • The US Congress has a poor track record of encouraging innovation
  • The US Patent Office is underfunded and political
  • Immigration reform will be needed to sustain a flow of technical students to American universities

The book has been very well reviewed, including by Eric Hippeau, CEO of the Huffington Post, who had this to say: “When Hank Nothhaft says, ‘I am the son of a steelworker, and I did not work my whole life creating jobs and wealth just to spend my golden years in some Banana Republic of Silicon Valley,’ we hear a powerful voice speaking up for all Americans. Whether you’re on the left or the right, this book makes uncommonly good sense. Plus, it’s a terrific read.”